Photo Booth

What types of events are best for a Photo Booth?

Our Photo Booths Services
are great for all occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Proms, Homecomings, Retirement Parties, Dances, Graduation Parties, Class Reunions, Birthdays, Fundraisers, or Practically Any Event!

How is the picture quality?

We use high quality equipment that produces photo-laboratory quality prints.
Because we use dye-sub print technology, your pictures are less vulnerable to scratches, fading and distortion.
Prints immediately emerge dry, durable, and in perfect condition.

Do the photos print out on site?

Yes, your photos print within seconds.
Pictures will emerge from the photo booth itself (not from a printer on a table). Some photo booths don’t print out on site.
The photo Booth will print two traditional 2x6 photo strips after each session.

Is there a limit of photos booth sessions?

With all of our photo booth packages, there is no limit to the number of sessions your guests can enjoy!
Guests will receive a set of double photo strips from each session, and can take as many sessions as they like.
With all events, your guests will have access to an online gallery to download full-sized images.

Can guests view a slideshow at the event?

Yes, our Photo Booth is equipped with two high-resolution LCD monitors, allowing guests to see themselves when taking photos, and to see a slideshow of all the photos taken at your event.
Slideshows run all evening at no additional cost (You may also leave the screen ‘off’ if preferred).

Do you work at outdoor events?

Yes, if weather is permitting. Otherwise, shelter is needed for inclement weather.

How can guests view and share the photos?

Photos are placed in an online gallery on our website for public viewing and/or our Facebook page, and can be password protected.

Can the gallery be password protected?

Yes, of course! Let us know ahead of time on what option you prefer.

How much space does it take up?

The photo booth general footprint is 10 x 10.
We have done events in smaller spaces; so if you have a concern about a particular space, please let us know.

Do you provide props?

Yes, a variety of props are available depending on which package you select.

How long does it take to set up and break down?

It takes between 1-2 hours to set up and about 45 minutes to break down.

Why is Mobile Express DJs Photo Booth unique from other Photo Booth companies?

Our modern photo booth is a professional piece of equipment.
We designed our Photo Booth to be a sophisticated ‘photo box’, dedicated to formal events.
Our photo booth packages offer the best value & best experience. Your outstanding experience is our #1 mission.

Additional Information

What is the difference between your photo booth and the old-fashioned ones?
Our Photo Booth is a modernized photo booth, meant for formal parties.
Superior picture quality. We use dye-sub photo printing for better quality and instant prints.
Our photos print instantly. Old-fashioned booths require guest’s to wait up to 7 minutes for their picture to print out.

Our photo booth allows for standing photos, perfect for small groups of people at a formal event (accommodating 1-10 adults).
Old-fashioned booths take tight headshots and fit 1-2 people.
With our Photo Booth, you can save photos on a CD, USB Flash Drive, or online.
It costs much less to rent our Photo Booth than an old-fashioned photo booth.
This is because our delivery process is simple. Old-fashioned booths typically need to charge extra in order to transport their 800 lbs. booths.
Our mobile photo booth is transported with ease.



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